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Publishing Industry Expertise


HOV Services work with publishers to repurpose in-demand content into a digital, on-demand asset; transforming it into a key, viable revenue source. HOV's content-related integrated solutions help publishing enterprises, libraries and corporations to reduce expenses and speed time to market in order to deliver effective information products and solutions. HOV eContent MAX is unique because we go beyond simply repurposing the content, our proprietary ACETmax Process focuses on Analyzing, Capturing, Enhancing and Transforming clients' content, maximizing their return on investment. Developed to meet the challenges of content reusability as market demands and technology continue to change; HOV's ACETmax focuses on providing value-added services to publishers in the following industries: Legal, Financial, Educational and STM Publishing.

 - Content Processing

  • OCR & Keyboarding - Data Capture
  • Application Conversion Services
  • Composition Services
  • DTD Development
  • XML Conversion


 - Content Independent Testing

  • Online Content Audit
  • Online Content / Functionality Testing
  • DVD / CD ROM Content / Functionality Testing
  • Accessibility, Technology &Compliance Testing
  • Website / HTML Testing

 - Content Publishing

  • Cartridge / Course Builds - WebCT / Blackboard / etc.
  • Assessments / Quiz Builds
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Portal / Website Updates

 - Content Suport

  • eMail Product Support
  • Web Chat Support
  • Portal / Website Maintenance and Cleanup
  • Content Monitoring
  • LMS / LCMS Load Monitoring


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